Month: September 2016

hello fall, i’m glad you’re here!

So fall is finally here! It seemed to happen overnight – a single cold rain storm and suddenly the humidity was gone and mornings are getting a little more crisp. You know the weather is getting colder when you bring in all your plants from the 

how clothes can help your mood

There is something so seriously fun about fringe. I love the movement it gives an outfit, especially when it’s long and silky like on this floral batwing cardigan. You just can’t help twirling around, or shimmying to a song when wearing it. And that’s amazing! When the clothes 

Me Monday – Chapter 3

Me Monday is a segment I’ve brought to The Couture Complex that centres around the theme of me (or rather, you!). Whether through video, podcasts or articles, each week I’ve chosen to highlight something that has particularly resonated with me. It could be something that discusses happiness, motivation, or self identity. All centralize on being the best you and the life that goes with it.

In the interest of this blog, it’s also hard to have solid personal style if you don’t know who you are. On Instagram, Pinterest and in the media we are always following and admiring women who we deem to have great personal style. Entire magazine editions are devoted to celebrities who dress the best – who wore it better!? Clearly, there is a following for this. We feel drawn to people who fall into that category of “having it all together”, but I think it starts with more than a colour schemed closet or dressing characteristics. (Is she girly? Tomboyish? Edgy? All of the above?) It starts with you. As much as we love to copy looks, at the end of the day it’s called personal style and that means it should be tailored to you and how you feel in order to feel authentic (both to you and to others!). All these women we follow and admire have done research into themselves. They are confident in what they are wearing because it aligns naturally to their own identity, and that confidence is contagious. Don’t you want to look that good, and feel that good, in your own clothes? I know I do.

Hopefully, this segment will be a great way for you to start figuring it out!

*Warning, the following article contains profane language, but is so incredibly insightful I hope that doesn’t sway you from reading*

Fuck Yes or No

In this week’s Me Monday, I inquire you to give this article a read. It will take approximately 8 minutes of your day to get through, and I guarantee you that you’re already doing something way less productive with that time already.

pink + denim

I feel as though transitions between seasons can be challenging. Either you’re too far one way or another, but never just in between. Does anyone else feel the same? This outfit I’m actually kinda happy with – gasp! – that never happens! And you know how I 

saying goodbye to summer / how to piece together outfits

Where has the time gone? I feel as though it was only a few short weeks ago that I began taking photos of my outfits and there was still snow on the ground and my goosebumps were showing up in pictures. And yet here we 

being thankful year-round

IMG_9120 IMG_9115 IMG_9109

There’s something to be said about a little compliment going a long way. I recently wore this outfit, eager to break in my new mules from Nine West, thinking perhaps I’m a little overdressed for a night out but I’ll roll with it. And then totally out of no where Kyle goes I really love your outfit tonight. I was blown away! Now it’s not like he never compliments me or anything but it was how random and genuine he sounded about it, as if he was trying to connect with me about, of all things, clothes (something I’m clearly very passionate about!). I was so humbled! It got me thinking about how something so minor can really make your night.

And not only what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. When someone takes the time to pull you aside to show gratitude for instance, it resonates way more than a hey thanks. I know for me, especially in my life right now, I have many, many things to be thankful for. And I think in our high paced world, sometimes we forget to be grateful for everything and everyone we have. It’s easy to always be striving for better (and I’m not saying to stop trying to reach for those stars) but I think every now and again it’s good to count your blessings.

My closet always seems the best when I do a reality check towards all the beautiful clothes I already have. My friend circle always seems the most tight knit when I realize all the wonderful people that have stayed with me through good times and bad. And my family always seems so full of love when I realize how many times they have gone out of their way for me, whether that be to watch Titan for a weekend away or offering to help out with the house.

Perhaps I’ve been thinking about this more lately knowing Fall is just around the corner and with it comes Thanksgiving, but I think we should aim to be thankful year round. And perhaps it only takes a genuine compliment to remind the people in our lives how much we truly do care.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Marshall’s

Shoes: Nine West here (they come in black too!)

Purse: Kate Spade similar here