Month: September 2018

a foolproof fall outfit

Just wanted to quickly come on here and share some links to shop this outfit! I love pairing skirts with knitwear early into Fall. The mornings and nights are cool but the afternoons can still be quite warm, and so this outfit provides a little 

trends to try this fall

A few seasons ago velvet chokers were huge. And then furry pompoms on bags. In fashion, trends are always coming and going, but some of them are better than others. Here’s a few to pay attention to this Fall.   Silky Scarves In Summer we 

what I packed for iceland

Well this post is long overdue. I kept meaning to write it, but as soon as I sat down all I wanted to do was talk about Fall! What can I say, it’s my second favourite season and sometimes you have to run with the passion while it’s there.

But let’s back up a couple weeks shall we, and meander down memory lane back to my trip to Iceland. Oh, Iceland. Such a beautiful place. But so hard to pack for. I vividly remember a moment when I started laughing to myself because I had rain boots, a bikini and a cashmere sweater all crammed up against each other. It was tough trying to predict the weather!

In the end, I packed:


-t-shirts for under sweaters
-fitted long sleeves for under sweaters
-sweaters (of varying thicknesses)
-leggings (capris and pants)

-a rain coat
-a lightweight jacket
-rain boots
-running shoes
-hat & mittens


What I definitely didn’t need to pack – the shorts. It never got warm enough for me to want to wear them. Even the day we ran the half marathon (I wore capri leggings). What I wish I had packed more of – the long sleeve tops. I only packed two, but most days I found myself wanting to reach for them to wear under a big sweater or on their own. They ended up being worth their weight in gold as far as layering goes and I wish I had brought more options.

I also wish I had opted to bring a pair of flats with me. While Iceland was notoriously rainy this Summer, we lucked out with mostly sunshine during our visit so I ended up wearing my sneakers a lot more than I anticipated. My rain boots were great for when we were visiting places that were wet (ie. the waterfalls, the glacier lagoon, etc) but for walking around Reykjavík I wish I had a cuter alternative to my beat up runners. I was worried that I didn’t have a pair of waterproof hiking boots but we didn’t do anything too crazy outdoors and in the end didn’t need them.

I also packed several sweaters of varying coziness levels and would highly recommend doing that. On rainy days I wanted to bundle up in my wool or cashmere sweaters, but on sunny days I only wanted something light. I also found that my raincoat doubled as a great windbreaker, so I never found that I was missing out on one while I was there.

All in all, I thought I did pretty well. While what your packing totally depends on when you’re visiting Iceland, I think in general plan for lots of layering and you can’t really go wrong!

5 things to do this Fall

I’m not sure about you, but I love doing activities in Fall because it’s basically the last time I want to be outside until the end of March. Save a few nice Winter days past Christmas, the weather here in Canada can be downright brutal 

transitioning your wardrobe for fall

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when the nights get a little cooler and the humidity drops, and the feeling of Fall starts to set in. Something about changing seasons gives me a renewed sense of excitement. I love pulling out my Fall decorations, 

jewelry picks at affordable price points

Hey guys! So I actually got a lot of questions regarding the my necklaces the other day. Unfortunately, my horn necklace was custom made for me by my boyfriend at a local jewellers and I’m not sure where my pearl necklace came from as it was a gift from my grandparents. HOWEVER, I thought I’d take this opportunity to link similar versions of both, and some other picks I really love!

I love layering necklaces. Something about it feels very bohemian and yet also very chic. And the good news is everything I linked is very affordable! The most expensive one I included is the Large Horn Necklace from Missoma. It’s the necklace that posed as inspiration for my own, so I felt the need to include it if you wanted an almost exact look (the only difference is Kyle had a diamond put in mine). Otherwise, there are many less expensive versions out there. Enjoy!

Horn Necklaces:

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Other Pendant Necklaces:

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”3396578″]


Bauble Chokers: (next on my list to add to my stack!)

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”3396582″]

Hopefully this helps!

iceland travel guide – part 3

*Don’t forget to read Part 1, and Part 2! We loved using companies to book the majority of our tours, it eliminated the stress of planning out every little detail. And being picked up at the bottom of your building definitely had its perks. But for 

iceland travel guide – part 2

Don’t forget to read my general overview (Part 1) – here! So while Reykjavík definitely had it’s little pockets of goodness (the many thermal baths located around the city, for example), the real gem of Iceland is exploring the countryside. We opted to do that by