Month: November 2018

after black friday, remember to breathe

This post is coming to you after the madness that was Black Friday. Kyle works retail so I see firsthand how much frenzy, and stress, leads up to and on these days. And as a consumer, I definitely feel like I get swept up in 

wool coat roundup (mango, h&m, & other stories)

Being Canadian, I know Winter is no joke. It can get really cold, and you want to be prepared. When shopping for coats, I always look for a high wool content. Why? Because wool is one of those fabrics that not only will keep you warm, 

best h&m knitwear

H&M is one of those stores that can either be hit or miss, depending on when you go. Sometimes I look at their website and don’t like anything, and other times I can’t stop adding things to my cart. Well, this Fall has been one of latter situations.

They have really been killing it with their knitwear this season. And at such affordable prices too! You can pay $100+ for wool in a sweater from Zara or Mango or find something just as nice for around $50 from H&M right now. And so I thought I’d round up some of my favourite picks. Interested in what goes through my head as I decide what’s worth picking and what’s worth skipping? Be sure to check out what I look for when buying knitwear, too!


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zara black friday picks

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming, folks. And I know there’s going to be a ton of sales going around, and a lot of retailers competing for your dollars, but I thought I would highlight my favourite picks from Zara so you could prepare your cart. 

tonal dressing for fall

I love tonal dressing because it doesn’t take any extra work, it’s not hard to find two things in the same colour family and honestly I find it looks so put together/chic! It gives off that super sought after “put together but I didn’t try