Month: November 2019

black friday shopping sale links!

Hi guys! So as someone who is a member of LikeToKnow.It I get emails letting me know what sales are happening around the web. I thought it might be helpful for me to pick some of my favourites and put them all in one big 

my 2019 holiday gift guide for him!

As promised, here is my Holiday gift guide for┬áhim (with help from Kyle!) For guys, I generally like to buy things they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Usually that means something a little more fancy, because for example, Kyle lives in his Saxx underwear, but 

my 2019 holiday gift guide for her!

Well, it’s finally here! The holidays, and with that, my annual Gift Guide! Below I have linked many of my favourite things, whether that be a gift I’ve already received (and loved) or something that’s on my wishlist!

I’ve got things ranging from $10 to $150 — for the girl who loves to host, the girl who loves fashion, the girl who loves being eco friendly – really, there’s something for everyone here. What I also wanted to mention is that any of these smaller gifts can be paired with something else to take it to the next level. Love the serving tray? Maybe add a few gourmet cheeses and crackers to make it a bundle. Love the slippers? Maybe you buy a cute mug and add in your favourite tea to make it feel complete. I love picking something and making it a whole themed gift.

Coming up next: my gift guide for him (Kyle is gonna help me out!) Stay tuned!

Still got no idea? Check out my buying tips for the girl who has everything that I posted last year (a lot of them still apply)!

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where I get my holiday dresses

If you know me at all, you know I love a good holiday party. Getting all dolled up, wearing something I don’t usually get to, sipping wine and chatting with friends is honestly my idea of the perfect date. Add in some seasonal shimmer and 

leopard skirt love

So I recently featured this skirt on my Instagram feed and the love is REAL! If you were looking to try out the leopard print trend this Fall (and really, I’m not so sure it’s a trend anymore because I don’t see it going anywhere)