Mirriam-Webster defines couture as 1:  the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women’s clothing. For me, couture translates to quality, exquisiteness, individuality.

When I began this journey, I wanted to fill my life with happiness. Or, the term I landed on after much deliberation and beautifying, a sense of couture. I decided I wanted to appreciate the quality, exquisiteness and individuality of everything that made me happy. So I started this blog, and started featuring snippets of my life that I found particularly satisfying. I sought out the good in my life and created my very own world of happiness.

And I don’t mean finding your happiness, or buying your happiness. I mean creating it. Surrounding yourself with things you love, people you love, activities you love to do. Finding the best in a situation. Deciding to let go of negative feelings. These are all things that are completely and unequivocally unique to you. Remember that definition of couture? The garments are custom-made. Your happiness is also custom-made.

My hope for this blog is to inspire others to create a sense of couture in their life. Perhaps a certain shoe, colour of a handbag or mood conveyed through a photo puts a smile on your face. Perhaps it makes you want to chase down this feeling of couture in your own life. I can’t wait to see where it takes us! xx

the couture complex [koo-too r kom-pleks]: the self-diagnosed psychological condition in which one’s subconscious thoughts, actions and personality orbits around the central theme of bringing couture into one’s everyday life.