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white denim in the summer

My favourite pieces in my closet are the ones I can restyle season after season. Sometimes a statement piece is fun, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely reach more often for things that are versatile and I can make work many different ways. And 

my favourite lace cami retailer

Lace camis are an ultimate closet staple for me. Whenever we go on a trip somewhere I always grab at least one to go with me because they are so incredibly versatile! Styled up or down, they add just the right amount of detail to 

what I bought from the zara sale!

So — if you didn’t already assume, I don’t buy every single thing I link on my Zara sale favourites page. That would be, well, preposterous. But I don’t walk away completely unscathed. Here’s what I ended up buying:

Also important to note: if it’s not available in your size check back tomorrow morning, the warehouse usually does the restock early and they might restock in your size!

This top is SUPER cute and flattering! Bought in size S, runs completely true to size. Straps are adjustable which I love!

Also comes in White!


Super comfortable and easy to throw on! Bought in my usual 7 1/2  and fit perfect.


Soft, stretchy denim. Comfortable and perfect to tuck into boots in the Winter! Bought in size 4 and fit me great.

Bought this top in a S, it fits me perfectly but I don’t have a big chest either. I would size up if you do! You can adjust a tiny bit from how tight you tie it on either side.

Bought this skirt in an XS and fits me great but there is still a little room so I would say fits a tiny bit big.

These are SO pretty and delicate, and aren’t heavy at all!

This blouse fits a tiny bit oversized, bought in a size S and pretty flowy!


zara semi annual sale picks!

Well, June is officially here! Which means Zara’s massive semi annual sale should be any day now. For those that don’t know, Zara hardly ever puts their clothing on sale. Unless it makes it to the “Special Prices” section (which is pretty sparse sometimes), the 

my bridesmaid boxes!!!

Well this is an exciting post! It’s something I’ve been holding onto for quite awhile, because I obviously couldn’t post this until I had asked my whole bridal party. And let me tell you — it’s HARD keeping a secret when you’re this excited to 

leopard love

Leopard Print Sandals Spring Fashion

Leopard Print Sandals Spring Fashion Leopard Print Sandals Spring Fashion Leopard Print Sandals Spring Fashion

Along with instagramming your food and taxes, leopard print seems to be going no where anytime soon. And I’m totally on board.

I first dipped my toe in the animal print pond last year when I bought a pair of leopard slingbacks and boy was I blown away with how versatile they ended up being. I wore them (and continue to wear them) ALL the time! They instantly add a little personality to an outfit and because leopard print is literally a bunch of neutrals thrown together it goes with a lot more than you’d think.

When I featured them in an OOTD the other day so many of you reached out to ask where I got them — well, the bad news is my exact pair is sold out. The good news is I scoured the internet to find some really great alternatives. Shop my favourite finds below!

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5 accessories to up your style game this Spring for under $10

Accessories are one of those things that can totally make or break an outfit. They can take an otherwise basic outfit and elevate it to the next level. And this Spring, I’ve been allllll about those accessories. From seashells to pearls, this Spring more is 

white jeans & tonal dressing for spring

Hi guys, long time no see! Sorry for the inactivity on the blog lately — things here have been crazy busy from trying to plan a wedding to me changing shows for work. The blog unfortunately had to take a back seat for a little 

spring style roundup

As much as it doesn’t seem like it at times, Spring¬†is coming, people. It’s what I tell myself after a long cold walk with Zeus. We have to have hope. And while it seems a little trivial to be buying blouses and woven bags now, sometimes by the time the nice weather arrives these things are already sold out. So I wanted to give you guys a head start and round up some of my favourite pieces for Spring now.

Below are some images sourced via Pinterest that are currently serving as my style inspiration for Spring. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, I’m constantly pinning away and you can find me here!


So while leopard print was huge this fall and huge this Winter, I think it still goes strong into Spring. Also, like I mentioned on Instagram I think the devil will be in the details this coming season. Earrings, scarves, hair clips you name it, I think more is more. Another piece that I think we’ll be seeing everywhere this Spring are romantic blouses. Ruffles and lace, again, it’s all about those little details.

I’ll be updating this list as we get closer to Spring and more things are released so check back!

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going somewhere warm this winter?

Going somewhere warm this winter and want to refresh that vacation wardrobe? Here are some of my favourite finds from around the web. [show_boutique_widget id=”803461″]