trends to try for fall

1. (Not) Your Grandmas Sweater

Instagram was obsessed with all things pastel and cute this Summer, and it’s making it’s way into Fall — think cute little embroidered sweaters in varying shades of pastels. It’s cozy, playful and I’m super into it. You’ll be wearing black all Winter, so why don’t you try keeping those lighter shades around a little while longer.

2. Button Bling

Speaking of cardigans, you guys saw me rave about my embellished button cardigan last year and this year they’ve come out with a couple of new iterations. I think button embellishments are going to be huge this year!

3. Padded to Perfection

Bottega Veneta started this trend and like all good things it’s trickled down to the high street. I think you’ll see a ton of padded and quilted clothes this Fall, from handbags to jackets to skirts to everything in between.

4. The Bigger the Better

Let’s also credit Bottega with this one and their release of the Pouch bag — suddenly all accessories are oversized. Jewelry, clutches, chains on bags –everything seems a little bigger this Fall. It makes it easy to pick one piece, let that define your outfit, and move on. Love that!

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