5 accessories to up your style game this Spring for under $10

Accessories are one of those things that can totally make or break an outfit. They can take an otherwise basic outfit and elevate it to the next level. And this Spring, I’ve been allllll about those accessories.

From seashells to pearls, this Spring more is seemingly more. And honestly, I’ve been buying more accessories than clothes lately. Luckily, none of them were expensive. Here’s what I’ve bought:


Pearl Hair Clips:


You can spend $20 on these or $2. And honestly, the quality is the same. I bought the first two ones shown below a couple weeks ago & I’m super happy with them. Only downside is you have to wait a couple weeks for shipping. I’ve also linked a pair that is slightly more in the middle price-wise ($8) but it ships Prime on Amazon.

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Seashell Anklets:


The 90’s are baaaack. And while we don’t have to go full N*SYNC, a little seashell accent can really bring you from Spring to Summer vibes real quick. It’s the perfect boho babe accessory — beach not included. Thanks to fast fashion you don’t need to spend a fortune either. H&M has some really pretty ones for this Spring & I’ve linked one from Amazon as well.

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Acrylic Hair Clips:


It’s as if your sophisticated older self is joining forces with your inner 13 year old. Anyone else have hair clips just like these way back when? Well regardless, they’re back. And yes, they’re a little out there. But super fun and honestly, accessories are one of those things that’s easiest to have fun with! I’ve ordered two of the first two linked below so I can double up like in that middle picture. I love the pink acrylic ones — but what else is new — this girl loves pink. Again, the first two are super cheap but expect it to take at least two weeks to arrive. I’ve also linked an Amazon Prime version for those who want them yesterday.

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Geometric Earrings:


Earrings are one of those things that can make a big impact without a ton of investment. It’s easier to go bold on an earring rather than entire dress, for example. So it’s a place to have a bit of fun and maybe push your comfort zone a little! This Spring I’m seeing a ton of acrylic earrings, done in large very geometric forms and in every colour under the sun. Below I’ve linked some of my favourite finds!

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Heart Shaped Sunglasses:


These were such a hit when I featured them on my stories the other day. And I can see why! Not only are they super fun for Spring and will take you right into Summer, they are only $12 CAD (which would be less than $10 for all my American friends). They would make the cutest beach or brunch accessory and honestly, for the price I feel like you really can’t go wrong!

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