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Edit April 2018: I’ve done an update on this review here!


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Edit April 2018: I’ve done an update on this review here!

On Instagram I would say there is a cult that swears by Zara jeans, or at least it seems like it. Fashion blogger after fashion blogger seem to post and rave about these blue denim babies, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a pair for myself. I would consider myself pretty picky with jeans – I’m only 5’4, so they can’t be too long, and I like high-waisted styles so that it gives me the option to tuck in shirts if I want. High waisted jeans also elongate my body, and are the most flattering for my hourglass shape. See my last post on more about dressing for your body type!

Not only all of that, but I like jeans that keep their shape. I recently bought a pair of high waisted Calvin Klein jeggings and I was so disappointed with how quickly they started stretching out – a couple of hours into wearing them and they were loose on my bum, waist, and I had to constantly pull them up. I find this the hardest thing to know about jeans before you buy them, because you don’t know how they’ll wear until you actually do just that. They might look and feel amazing, but if they start sagging right away, that’s an immediate “to the donate pile” for me.

So I was quite curious about Zara jeans! This pair I actually snagged during their sale. It only took a couple days to arrive, and right away I was pretty impressed. The package came in a box with tissue paper and seemed like enough care was put into it.

In terms of sizing, I know my measurements off by heart (avid online shoppers will feel me here). Typically, I’m either a size 2 if it’s an “older” brand like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, etc. and a size 4 for “younger” brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, ASOS, etc. For reference: bust – 32, waist – 25, hips – 37. I bought a size 4 from Zara and they fit perfectly. (Side note: I ended up hemming them a tad because I wanted that ankle-grazing length, but that was easy enough to do)

And what can I say? The Instagram fashion community clearly knows what’s up! These jeans are not only super comfy but they stay tight after multiple wears. Yep, I can probably get 3 or 4 days of wearing them before I throw them in the wash. I loved them so much I ended up buying another pair and love them equally as much! That pair is the tiniest bit loose on my waist but it’s nothing a cute belt can’t fix. 🙂

Another plus about Zara jeans is the wide selection – they have so many colours, cuts, and the distressing is really well done! And who doesn’t love the perfect pair of rips? So count me in as part of the Zara-loving party. What brand of jeans do you swear by? Anything else I should try out? I considered ASOS jeans and BDG jeans but I read contradicting reviews about them stretching out easily! Let me know if you agree/disagree!

What I’m Wearing

Top: From a Boutique in Venice, however here’s something similar

Jeans: Zara similar here

Sunnies: Steve Madden

Necklace: Tiffany & Co here

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