after black friday, remember to breathe

This post is coming to you after the madness that was Black Friday. Kyle works retail so I see firsthand how much frenzy, and stress, leads up to and on these days. And as a consumer, I definitely feel like I get swept up in the “buy now or lose out!” mentality. The materialistic beast within us all is at it’s peak, and we all want more sales, more deals, more stuff. By the end of the week it can be downright exhausting.

After Friday Kyle and I had our charity holiday event, and after that we visited our 8 nieces and nephews for the weekend. And honestly, it was such a good reset on priorities. Spending time with family is the single best way to remember what is truly important. It’s not getting that sweater on sale, or stressing yourself out about buying gifts for everyone on your list while all the deals are on. For me, it’s about those people I’m buying for. Blocking out time in our busy lives for those people, and then being present during those moments.

After that weekend I was reflecting on the past couple of weeks for Kyle and I. And while we are certainly super grateful for the life we lead, the last few weeks have proved a little more stressful than we’re used to. He’s been incredibly busy with work, and I’ve been struggling to get into the style of a new show I’m working on. By the end of it, we were drained.

What I always tell myself when I’m going through an annoying time is that 1) everyone goes through them and 2) hunker down and it will pass. In the age where social media highlights everyone’s happiest and best moments, it’s easy to think you are the only one struggling. You aren’t. Not everything is perfect all the time. And furthermore, the bad will pass. You have ups and downs, summers and winters. It makes you appreciate the sunshine even more.

I know this post is a little different than the usual fashion ones. I just thought it important to take a moment and reflect on what’s been going on around me, especially after a day like Black Friday. Even though I love fashion, and talking about how to style things, there is more to life than just that. And I know my blog highlights the pretty, but I also want it to be honest. This is what’s been on my mind recently and so I thought it only fair to you guys to share. Hope you enjoyed!

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