an (updated) review of zara jeans

To this day, my review on Zara jeans is by far my most popular post. And I’m OK with it. You see, I’m a self proclaimed denim fanatic too. In my opinion, there is nothing better than the perfect boyfriend rips or shaping skinnies. However, since that original post, I have purchased many more pairs from Zara, and I thought I could provide a more well rounded review.

At the time of my original post, I had bought two pairs of jeans from Zara and loved both. Well, I’m sad to say it, but neither pairs have not withstood the test of time. Both pairs ended up completely shredding at the rips and not in a good way. The rips completely tore open, and the jeans started to sag/bulge out where the holes were.

That is not to say, however, that all Zara denim won’t last. After those first two pairs, I bought another pair (yes I know, I’m ridiculous), and it is still one of my favourite pairs to date. And armed with that newfound hope that maybe I could give Zara denim another chance, I ended up purchasing many more pairs, each one more beloved than the last.

The trick, I have found, is to stick to 100% cotton if there is any kind of rip/distressing in them. You see, the first two pairs, both with rips, were only 98% cotton, 2% elastane. And that’s why the rips ended up busting open. The elastane didn’t last. When jeans are 100% cotton, they are sturdier, they don’t sag as fast, and the distressing stays the same (as in, the rips don’t blow out to much larger holes as you wear them).

If there isn’t any distressing however, then feel free to buy whatever. In fact you might actually want more elastane in a pair of skinny jeans for more stretch.

Fast forward to now. I have many more pairs of Zara denim in my closet, some distressed, some not, and I have to say – when I stick to my cotton rule for rips, I have loved every pair. They have also upheld nicely in the wash/dryer, and I find they keep their shape nicely for ~3 wears before I wash them to tighten them up again.

The rest of my thoughts on the original review have stayed pretty much true. I love the fit of Zara jeans (I’m a size 4 for reference, 2 in their “Mom” jean fit), and all their selection. I think their pricing is very reasonable. I usually have to hem them but that would be true for most denim as I’m only 5″4′. My favourite cut is the mid-rise and high-rise, and I find they do the perfect boyfriend/straight leg style of jean.

All in all, I would recommend Zara denim to my friends, and I can still see why there is a such a cult following for Zara denim in the fashion blogging world.

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