annual zara spring/summer sale picks!

It’s official!! The Zara sale starts tonight on the app at 8PM EST!

For those that don’t know, Zara hardly ever puts their clothing on sale. Unless it makes it to the “Special Prices” section (which is pretty sparse sometimes), the only times to get Zara clothing on sale is in June, on Black Friday, or Boxing Day. That’s it! So as you can imagine, people get pretty excited about the sale. Including yours truly.

These posts are always my most popular on the blog, and honestly, I can see why. Shopping the Zara sale can sometimes be a zoo — which is why I like to have a list of things I truly want sorted out before the sale. Things go in and out of stock so frequently and you can easily get swept up in buying things you don’t want simply because they are super discounted. This list helps remind me what holes I want to fill in my closet, and it’s also just so convenient to click on the image to see if it’s restocked in your size. I also included my some additional tips and tricks here, in case you want to take a look (hint: sometimes it’s good to stock up on Fall/Winter items while everyone goes for the Summer stuff!).

Here are my favourite finds:



Knitwear (Cashmere/Wool):










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