dressing for your body type

dressing for your body type

IMG_9008 IMG_9005 IMG_9003 IMG_9002I’ve been having a major blush and denim moment lately. I’m not sure if it’s just the hotter weather but I seem to constantly be reaching for these lightly hued tops, I’ve found they really compliment the tan I’ve taken on this summer. Of course this denim skirt has also been worn on repeat. I love the fact that it’s high waisted because I have a long torso and shorter legs and anything low cut just seems to accentuate that. When I wear something high waisted it gives the illusion that my torso is shorter and my legs longer, and who doesn’t want that! This one also has a raw edge that I love – the more you wash it the more distressed it gets!

I think dressing to your body is very important. We all have our strong suits and our weak spots, and in order for me to feel my best, I like playing up my best features. As stated before, a high waist works really well for me. I know which pieces I reach for again and again, because they’re the most flattering on me, and I pay attention to the cuts and colours that these items are. When I go shopping, I know what I’ll wear and what looks better on the hanger. This has also helped me curate my closet to pieces that I know I’ll actually wear, and feel good in. That in itself is very important because no matter how pretty the piece of clothing, if you don’t feel good in it, you won’t wear it often (if at all). Is this how you shop? What pieces are most flattering for you?

What I’m Wearing

Top: Forever 21 Similar

Skirt: Urban Outfitters Similar, also love this one

Shoes: Lucky Brand (similar)