my picks for spring – bags

my picks for spring – bags

Ahh, Spring. I can almost feel it in the air. Temperatures rise, snow melts, and things seem just a little brighter and happier! Here are some styles I’m totally crushing on for this upcoming season (part 2 – bags)!


Doing it Different

Whether it’s made with a cool fabric, embroidered or embellished, we’re seeing a lot of eye catching bags around town. This is where you can have fun without worrying about overdoing it, since a bag isn’t a huge object but can make a big impact. Look for pops of colour, fresh prints or unique textures like these tweed ones shown above. It’s a great way to elevate your outfit to the next level, or, as oftentimes in my case, round out an otherwise basic look.


The Straw Bag

Speaking of statement bags, be prepared for the overwhelming selection of raffia/wicker/jute bags this Spring. It’s about time the high street finally started stocking these bags as they were all the rage last Summer. Now it’s a buyer’s market. Want a round one? Sure. A black one? You got it. There is no shortage of straw bags this season, and for good reason. They add a little playfulness, texture, and the promise of long summer days ahead.


Seeing Shapes

And to take it a step further, if you’re really feeling adventurous, try toting a bag in any of the wide variety of shapes we’re seeing this Spring. While not for everyone, doning a uniquely shaped bag adds a certain element of surprise and distinction to an outfit.