saying goodbye to summer / how to piece together outfits

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Where has the time gone? I feel as though it was only a few short weeks ago that I began taking photos of my outfits and there was still snow on the ground and my goosebumps were showing up in pictures.

And yet here we are into the first week of September and I’m beginning to transition my wardrobe into fall. The look you see above it clearly still pretty summer-y, however you could easily swap the shorts for ripped jeans or throw a leather jacket on top and call it a day. And that’s what I love about fall. All the options! The weather is cool enough to actually layer with and yet still warm enough that you’re not hiding your entire look beneath a parka (thank you, Canada).

Going back to the look above however, I wanted to talk about the balancing act your outfit should be doing on the daily.

Here’s the thing. In my opinion, the best looks are the ones that combine two different elements and play off of the contrast. For example, feminine and masculine, light and dark, denim and something soft. When we have two contrasting elements in our outfit it creates visual interest and there is something so satisfying in mismatching.

In the look above, I paired a feminine top, complete with a bow, with a menswear belt. And not even menswear-inspired, no, I actually wear a men’s belt. There’s something about the boxiness that grounds my girly outfits, and I love that.

And the options are endless! Did you see this post? I paired an eyelash sweater (fuzzy) with leather leggings (gritty). And together, they work! If I had worn a leather top and leather leggings, that would have seemed too moto for my personal style. Or if I had worn the eyelash sweater with joggers or tights, all the warm/soft looking fabrics would have created a look that’s overly childish for me. It’s together that they hit that sweet spot.

When you’re feeling blah about your outfits, try this trick, it really helps me. Fabric, colour, pattern, vibe, cut, etc. are all aspects you can pay attention to and play off of. Let me know what you think!

What I’m Wearing

Top: Michael Kors

Shorts: Abercrombie

Sunnies: Steve Madden

Belt: Unknown (a gift from Kyle’s brother)

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