spring style roundup

As much as it doesn’t seem like it at times, SpringĀ is coming, people. It’s what I tell myself after a long cold walk with Zeus. We have to have hope. And while it seems a little trivial to be buying blouses and woven bags now, sometimes by the time the nice weather arrives these things are already sold out. So I wanted to give you guys a head start and round up some of my favourite pieces for Spring now.

Below are some images sourced via Pinterest that are currently serving as my style inspiration for Spring. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, I’m constantly pinning away and you can find me here!


So while leopard print was huge this fall and huge this Winter, I think it still goes strong into Spring. Also, like I mentioned on Instagram I think the devil will be in the details this coming season. Earrings, scarves, hair clips you name it, I think more is more. Another piece that I think we’ll be seeing everywhere this Spring are romantic blouses. Ruffles and lace, again, it’s all about those little details.

I’ll be updating this list as we get closer to Spring and more things are released so check back!

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