the best pullover I have ever bought

It isn’t often that I come on here and rave about one item in particular. Sure, I’ll try to link what I’m wearing and share a few similar options for you guys too, but usually it’s more about a particular look than one singular item. But not today. Ohhh no. Today I am dedicating an entire blog post to one article of clothing because it is just. that. good.

A few of you might have already witnessed my excitement about this on Instagram, but in case you missed it, here’s the lowdown: I have been living (LIVING) in this fleece pullover. And I’m not ashamed of it. It’s perfect for throwing over a tshirt and walking the dog, putting on in the morning to snuggle up in once you leave the warmth of your bed, and basically wearing everywhere you go.

What makes this fleece pullover so great, you might ask? Well for one, the outside is ridiculously soft. And fluffy. And that’s great for cozying up to your BF on the couch (it’s Kyle approved). But my favourite part is the inside. You see, I have actually been after a fleece pullover for awhile. But whenever I found one that I liked, the inside was never as soft as the outside. And in my opinion, if I was going to look like the Michelin Man, I wanted to feel as cozy as I looked. So I’d always move on. The inside of this pullover feels like a soft, well loved sweatshirt. It’s plush and warm and super duper soft. It’s amazing.

I also find myself reaching for it again and again, which is why I thought I’d share with you guys. I always get really excited when something is truly worth recommending to people. And this pullover? Top of my list.

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