what I look for when buying knitwear


So, this sweater was only $14. Yup, you can scoop your jaw off the floor, I’m not joking!! I knew as soon as I saw it I needed to have it and at that price, can you really go wrong? It made me think about how I go about buying knitwear and I wanted to share a few of my personal tips & tricks with you!

First things first is the cut of the garment. Does it have dropped shoulders, balloon sleeves, an asymmetric hemline? These are all little details that can make or break how the sweater fits you.

I also look at the sizing of the knit. Does it already come oversized, or does it run true to size? I oftentimes buy a sweater a size larger for that extra comfort, unless it looks quite large on the model.



Another thing I look at is what the sweater is made of. Something that is pure acrylic won’t be fuzzy like something with mohair or cashmere. It depends what kind of sweater you are looking for. For me, if I want something super cozy, I want that fuzzy look. But for something lightweight, like the sweater featured here, I don’t mind not having it.

Finally, a picture is worth a thousand words. See how it falls on the model. Does it make her look huge, or does it drape beautifully? The model is trying to sell you on this so if it doesn’t look good on her, chances are it won’t look good on you. When you look at the photo, does it seem snuggly and soft or does it look cheap? Photos are my best friend when shopping online. 🙂

Shop this look and a few more favourites below!



While this colour is sold out, I’ve linked this exact sweater below (it has a few colour options, especially love that green & burgundy!). Because I love tucking knitwear in, I bought it in a size Medium for a looser fit.

And below, some more Fall favourites!

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