zara boxing day picks + tricks to shopping the sale

Can you believe December is almost over? Every year I know it goes by quick and every year I’m still amazed by how fast it does! With only four days left until Christmas, I thought I would publish my annual Zara Boxing Day picks. This is my far my most popular post throughout the year, which means you guys must love Zara as much as I do! And my same logic from my Zara Black Friday post still applies – a lot of retailers are going to be having incredible sales this Boxing Day, but Zara only has three sales a year. One in June, one on Black Friday and one on Boxing Day. So for me I usually like to prioritize Zara. Luckily, unlike their Black Friday sale, this sale will be going on for the next 3 weeks or so. Which means there’s a little bit of a different strategy to it!

The Zara Winter Sale starts on Boxing day with (usually) 30% off their Fall/Winter 18 Collection. And every week their products get reduced until by the end of it things are 50%+ off. Now, items sell out quick but they also restock. If there’s something you desperately want but it’s out of stock, keep checking back because there’s a chance it’ll return.

My strategy is usually to pick the items I absolutely want and buy them on Boxing Day when they’re in stock. And then with things I like but might not want to spend that much on, I’ll gamble a little and see how low it’ll get marked down throughout the coming days. If you happen to see something you bought early on get reduced further, buy it then and return the first one you bought. Zara has free returns, and once when I inquired about getting money back from something that got put on further sale, the customer service agent told me something along the lines of “the price you pay when you checkout is the price you pay”. So keep that in mind!

Now usually their sales start at midnight. But for Black Friday this year, Zara actually let users with the app shop the sale early at 8pm. If they do this for Boxing Day, I would recommend doing it. Not only do you then not have to wait around for midnight, but by midnight some of the items might be out of stock!

Also, some things to note — Zara has incredible cashmere, that’s why I’ve linked a lot of it. If I had to pick only one thing to buy on sale from Zara, it would be that. They also have really good basics, but I’ve chosen to link things that I believe might sell out first. Right now they also have a lot of party wear, like sparkly dresses and tops. I didn’t link it however because I wasn’t sure it would be on sale. That’s another thing to bear in mind — I don’t work for Zara, so I can’t guarantee that anything listed below will go on sale, I just think it will from experience. Finally, for my international readers, just change the /CA/ in the url to whatever country you’re shopping from.

Anyways, I hope those little tidbits are helpful! And without further ado, my Zara Winter sale picks:


Looking ahead to Spring/Summer:



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