5 things to do this Christmas

Similar to my 5 things to do this Fall, but Christmas edition!

There is always so much going on around the holidays, and I know it’s easy to become bogged down with a giant shopping list. The following activities should break that up a little bit and remind you what a fun time Christmas is! Easy to do with a significant other OR with family. Just because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festivities!

#1 – Christmas tree shop. Ever since I was a little girl my family has had the tradition of going out as a family to pick a real Christmas tree, and it’s a tradition I carry forward with Kyle. We like to go somewhere local so it seeds money back into our community, and it’s actually pretty fun trying to pick ‘the one’! Afterwards there’s nothing better than grabbing a hot chocolate to warm up.

#2 – Santa’s village. Not every city will have a Santa’s village but if you can find one, they are super festive and guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirits! Kyle and I went with our nieces and nephews this year and I’m convinced there’s nothing better than seeing a child’s excitement about Christmas. To see their little faces light up when they spot Santa is truly something else. Ours also had reindeer you could feed, and that was fun even for me. 🙂

#3 – Christmas light tour. Most cities have an actual tour, or a famous street where the houses truly go to town on the Christmas lights. There’s something so magical about it, definitely worth trying to fit into your schedule!

#4 – Christmas market. Support small businesses this Christmas by buying from locals! You can usually find unique, personalized gifts here, which is a great place to start if you have someone hard to buy for!

#5 – Give back. While it’s easy to buy buy buy this Christmas, try to remember to give! You can do something as simple as donating some non-perishable foods to a local shelter, or go big and “adopt” a family to spoil. I know many charities are out and about collecting donations this time of year so do your research, pick one you’d love to support and make it happen. Every little action counts!

So there you have it! A quick little list that I hope inspires you to get out and enjoy the season of Christmas. Let me know if you end up doing any of these!

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