how to (continue) to stay motivated during covid-19

Well, here we are, folks. I feel like a lot of us underestimated the time we would spend under quarantine and practicing social distancing. If you guys are anything like me, at first it seemed like it would only last a couple of weeks, a month, tops — and then reality kind of set in, and I came to realize a lot of our leaders were talking many more weeks. That’s part of the reason Kyle and I decided to push our wedding  — but that’s not the topic for today. We’re here, this is reality, and so this post is actually about how to cope with this new “normal”.

In my original ‘5 Tips For Working From Home’ post, I wrote about 5 quick tips to keep you motivated if you’re now working from home from the first time. I’ve been doing it for years, and so I thought I might share some things I’ve found to be really helpful.

Today’s post will expand on that a little — these tips are not necessarily geared towards working, per say, but for your overall wellbeing.

  1. Move your body. Whatever level you’re at, you gotta get moving. Go for a walk, do a 20 minute yoga session, stretch while you sip some wine, have a middle-of-the-day dance party in your kitchen. Whatever it is, you have to move your body to feel those endorphins! It will make you feel better, more energetic, more alive — I promise!
  2. Cap your daily news intake. I know you want to be informed. But there’s a difference between informing yourself and going down a slippery anxiety ridden slope. This will only make you feel worse — so set a timer, and remove yourself from the salacious headlines once you’ve reached it.
  3. Really lean into the tiny joys in your life. Do you love a good bubble bath? Reading a book with a delicious smelling candle lit beside you? A manicure that is perfect? Whatever sparks joy within you — now is the time to make time for and really savour these moments. On their own, they might be small. But when you fill your day with these tiny acts, they add up! Your soul will thank you!
  4. And when you start to slip — do any one of those little things that make you feel special. We’re all going to have those off days. It just comes with this new normal. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Realize there will be days that are grey, and then move on. And move on by fixing your nails. Soaking in the bath. Putting on makeup. Like I mentioned in my other post, a small victory can lead to feeling motivated for a bigger one.
  5. On that note, find new small joys. Try watercolour painting, baking something new, creating a viral TikTok. You might surprise yourself and find a new hobby or project to add to your routine!
  6. Call your mom. Call your dad. Call anyone!! It’s only too easy to hole yourself up during this time. But talking, laughing, smiling (!!) at other people (even virtually) will make you feel less alone. Did you know that the act of smiling can actually make you feel happier? It’s science, people!! Reach out to those loved ones. Talk about the good ole days, your silliest memory with that person, what you ate that day, I don’t care. Just pick up the phone and do it!

So those are some of my tips! Whatever you’re feeling these days, know that 1. you are not alone and 2. this will pass! I know some days are longer than others. But this will eventually pass, and it will only make the coming days that much sweeter when it does. For now, stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Appreciate you all!

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