Me Monday – Chapter 1

So one of the things that I’d like to bring to The Couture Complex is Me Monday – a weekly installation of videos, podcasts or articles that centre around the theme of me (or rather, you!). It could be something that discusses happiness, motivation, or self identity. All centralize on being the best you and the life that goes with it.

In the interest of this blog, it’s also hard to have solid personal style if you don’t know who you are. On Instagram, Pinterest and in the media we are always following and admiring women who we deem to have great personal style. Entire magazine editions are devoted to celebrities who dress the best – who wore it better!? Clearly, there is a following for this. We feel drawn to people who fall into that category of “having it all together”, but I think it starts with more than a colour schemed closet or dressing characteristics. (Is she girly? Tomboyish? Edgy? All of the above?) It starts with you. As much as we love to copy looks, at the end of the day it’s called personal style and that means it should be tailored to you and how you feel in order to feel authentic (both to you and to others!). All these women we follow and admire have done research into themselves. They are confident in what they are wearing because it aligns naturally to their own identity, and that confidence is contagious. Don’t you want to look that good, and feel that good, in your own clothes? I know I do.

Hopefully, this segment will be a great way for you to start figuring it out!

(*the video has 5 seconds of black before it starts)

The Art of Being Yourself is a wonderful Ted Talk put on by Caroline McHugh. She talks about the idea of just being yourself, how that might not actually be that easy, what do you expect from life, and more. She’s got a lovely Irish accent that makes it delightful to listen to.

And if you’re sitting here thinking well I don’t have time to sit down and watch this, I say to you – just listen. Listen to it on the bus on your morning commute, put it on while you’re cooking dinner, or instead of scrolling through social media before you go to bed, listen to this instead. If you truly want to better yourself, you’ll find a way to fit this into your schedule somehow. It’s an incredible talk on the context of self.

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