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H&M spring sale picks

If you’ve been here awhile, you know I love H&M. Sure, there’s a mixture of high and low quality pieces (you ALWAYS get what you pay for — make note of that when shopping online!!) but there’s always some treasures to find! Recently, I’ve been 

5 trends to try this Spring

Well, the flowers aren’t quite up yet but I have heard some birds singing lately so I’m taking that as a sign – Spring is on her way, people!! I promise you it’ll get here eventually! Hopefully we’ve left the worst of Winter behind us, so in my 

5 tips for working from home

As someone who has worked from home for several years now, I thought this post might be a little timely for those now working from home for the first time. I’ve learned what works (and doesn’t) for me, so I thought I would share a few tips with you all! Bare in mind everyone is completely different, and figuring out what works best for you might take some time and some tweaking. Remember to give yourself a bit of a grace period to adjust. No one is perfect at anything right off the bat!

  1. Make your bed. Seems trivial I know, but it starts your day off with a win. There’s also a ton of research to back this up. Just trust me on this one.
  2. Get dressed. Sure, PJs are pretty fun for a couple of days. But you’ll eventually start to feel bleh, and if you’re to be successful working from home, you can’t be feeling like that. Leggings work for me! Don’t be a savage and work in jeans. Just make sure you actually change once you get up. You can’t feel like a slob and be successful at the same time.
  3. Give yourself breaks. Something I really like to do is allot myself certain time periods to complete a task that is none-work related. Is the kitchen a mess? Give yourself 20 minutes to put dishes away, wipe down counters, etc. Are you looking outside to a beautiful day leaving you behind? Give yourself half an hour to go on a dog walk. Just hold yourself accountable to getting back to work once you’ve had your break! You’ll be more productive this way, rather than working half distracted for hours on end.
  4. On the flip side, set a timer and focus. Give yourself half an hour, 45 mins, an hour where you put the phone away, don’t check emails and motor through one major thing on your to-do list from start to finish.
  5. Have a list of tasks. Just keep it mixed. Rome didn’t get built in a day – you aren’t going to finish two weeks worth of work in a day either. I find it helps to mix in bigger and smaller tasks. You’ll feel motivated as you check them off, which will propel you through the bigger things.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Please let me know if you end up doing any (or all!) and if you feel they make a difference, I’d love to hear from you!

shopbop spring sale picks!

Hi guys! So Shopbop is having a pretty good sale right now – spend $200, get 15% off, spend $500, get 20% or spend $800, get 25% off all brand new Spring items! Not sure you need to spend $800 (unless you want to!) but 

what I’m packing for my bachelorette + vacation!

Hi guys! So as many of you already know, I’m headed to my Bachelorette in Las Vegas this weekend! We planned it with a big group so that the Thursday night and Friday night are girl only / boy only, and then on Saturday we 

a review of Chicwish

So, as some of you saw on stories the other day, Chicwish reached out to me and asked if they sent me a few pieces, if I was interested in giving them a brand review. I said yes, picked out my favourite items, and here we are!

The first piece I picked out was their ‘Cuteness on Sleeves’ cardigan. This is a hand knitted acrylic and wool cardigan and I am IN LOVE. It’s so, so cute and cozy! It’s also not itchy at all, which is great because I had planned on wearing it exactly as pictured (with a cute little lace cami). I picked the S/M size but it runs large and should’ve gone with the XS.

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The second piece I picked was their ‘Heart and Soul’ knit sweater. This little number has the cutest heart detail stitched onto the elbows, and again, I am totally in love! It’s thick, warm, not itchy at all, and fits great. I picked the Small for reference and find it runs TTS. I roll down the turtleneck!

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The final piece I picked was their ‘Pocket of Charm’ mini skirt. I found it a little snug fitting it over my hips, but once it was in place, it fit me perfectly. It’s lined with shorts, and again, I found the material itself very thick (which is perfect for the Fall and Winter!). Finally, the zipper was also a little sticky when I first put it on, but the second time I put it on I didn’t have an issue, so maybe it just needed to be used. I ordered a size Small for reference!

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Overall, I found all the pieces to be very well made. Nothing felt thin, or cheaply made – actually the opposite, I was quite impressed with how thick and luxurious all the pieces were!

I also found the sizing to be very accurate. I followed the sizing guide on the website and didn’t have a problem (looking back, I’m not even sure why I didn’t order the cardigan in a XS since that is my usual size for sweaters).

Shipping for me was also pretty good, considering it’s coming from another country. It took approximately a week and a half for it to arrive at my doorstep in Ontario, Canada.

So all in all, I was very impressed with the pieces I ordered from Chicwish, and would definitely recommend them to others! I definitely had my reservations, but honestly, I loved everything I picked and have nothing really negative to report. Hopefully this review proved helpful, and if so, let me know!

*Want to see the items tried on in person? Check out my highlight story titled ‘Chicwish💕’ to see me try on all the items here!

same same, but different

Something new for you guys! As someone who does this as a side hobby, I don’t always have the funds to buy new clothes every season. And I feel so bad whenever you guys ask where I got it and I have to say it’s 

love on yourself this valentine’s day

Just a little post rounding up some of my favourite things for Valentine’s Day! I know some people either love or hate this day because they think it’s overrated and overpriced. Ultimately, I really like the day of love. February 14th is in the dead 

the best pink puffer jacket (currently on sale)!

So as many of you have seen on my Instagram feed, I am completely in love with this jacket. My mother bought it for me for Christmas off my Gift Guide For Her (so sneaky!) and really, it was a home run for me. I have not stopped wearing it. I think part of it is that we’re having an unusually mild winter, and part of it is that I’m learning how to dress appropriately for certain things.

For example — does anyone else hate absolutely sweating in their coats when they’re grocery shopping? I know I do. I also hate bringing my jacket into a shopping mall with me, because either I overheat, or I’m left carrying a big heavy coat around on my arm. Well, this jacket has really solved that for me. When you think about it, you’re just running from your car into a heated building and back. Why dress like you’re going on a huge long outdoor walk?

This jacket works for me because while it is quite warm, it’s extremely lightweight. Like, it literally weighs nothing. And I love that! It’s such a nice difference between being bogged down with a million layers. And I continue to grab it as I’m running out the door because it’s such an easy piece to throw on.

I also love the colour. It’s so fresh for Winter and it’ll transition me into early Spring as well. Here in Canada, the weather can be really unpredictable until practically May so I know I’m going to continue to get my use out of this jacket!

While this coat is fully priced at $130CAD it’s currently marked down to $59CAD with an additional 20% off when you add it to your cart! I can’t recommend this jacket enough so if you’re looking for something like this, I’d snag it now!

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a review of The RealReal

So, if you’ve been following me for awhile you may have noticed that I’ve purchased two pairs of preloved designer shoes, both off the TheRealReal. The first pair I bought for my upcoming wedding, and the second I bought for my bachelorette in Vegas (and