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things i’m currently coveting for spring

Spring might juuust be my favourite season. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to come back, the birds are singing — things are literally abuzz once again! And with that comes Spring fashion. Which, granted, has been a little different for us 

my sephora spring sale picks!

Alright, so with Spring comes the Sephora Semi-Annual Savings Event! Basically: If you are a Rouge member you get 20% off from April 17th – May 1st If you are a VIB Member you get 15% off from April 21st – April 29th If you 

H&M spring sale picks

If you’ve been here awhile, you know I love H&M. Sure, there’s a mixture of high and low quality pieces (you ALWAYS get what you pay for — make note of that when shopping online!!) but there’s always some treasures to find!

Recently, I’ve been super blown away by their Spring collection. From their clothing line to their home line, they’ve really been hitting the mark in my opinion. & right now, this weekend, they’re having a 15% off (20% for my American friends!) sitewide sale, so I thought I’d round up some of my favourite picks! For all my Canadian shoppers, just change the /en_us/ to /en_ca/ in the url!

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PS – here’s a little bonus BTS for you all from that banner shot. ☺️

hm spring fashion home style fashion

shopbop spring sale picks!

Hi guys! So Shopbop is having a pretty good sale right now – spend $200, get 15% off, spend $500, get 20% or spend $800, get 25% off all brand new Spring items! Not sure you need to spend $800 (unless you want to!) but 

5 accessories to up your style game this Spring for under $10

Accessories are one of those things that can totally make or break an outfit. They can take an otherwise basic outfit and elevate it to the next level. And this Spring, I’ve been allllll about those accessories. From seashells to pearls, this Spring more is 

white jeans & tonal dressing for spring

Tonal Dressing for Spring Outfit Ideas

Tonal Dressing for Spring Outfit Ideas

Tonal Dressing for Spring Outfit Ideas

Tonal Dressing for Spring Outfit Ideas

Hi guys, long time no see! Sorry for the inactivity on the blog lately — things here have been crazy busy from trying to plan a wedding to me changing shows for work. The blog unfortunately had to take a back seat for a little bit but I finally feel like I’ve got my feet under me and I’m hitting the ground running.

So let’s talk spring style! The weather is finally taking a turn for the better here and it’s put me in the BEST mood these days. Crazy how a bit of warmth and sunshine can really motivate you!

Now, I don’t think you can talk about spring style and not mention white jeans. They are a spring staple for sure. Something about them just works in the springtime. And honestly, I’ve gone through my fair share of duds. The last thing you want is an ill-fitting pair of white jeans. Since they are so bright they really draw your eye’s attention to them, you want them to be as flattering as can be. And non see-through. My first pair were a super thin material and let me tell you – it’s not a good look. When done right, I find white jeans super chic. When done wrong — kinda cheap looking.

Pictured above I’m wearing Levi’s. I was confident in buying them because Levi’s are a tried and true brand known for their thick denim. And that works to my advantage in two ways: 1) it holds everything in and won’t sag and 2) they weren’t gonna be see-through. Do you ever find super thin jeans are quick to sag? I find they stretch out way easier and make my look bigger than I am. So I stuck to a brand I knew was gonna deliver.

Now, I’m not a super flashy person when it comes to fashion. So just having a pair of white jeans meant I was a little outside my comfort zone. I decided to dip my toes in the white jean pool in the most subtle way I could – and that was by sticking to a neutral colour palette. By sticking to neutrals, I let the jeans take the spotlight and didn’t pair them with anything that could compete. And honestly, I LOVED the outcome! For me, it stuck the perfect balance. Classic and yet fashion forward. Do you own a pair of white jeans? Would you try tonal dressing? Let me know, would love to hear from you!

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spring style roundup

As much as it doesn’t seem like it at times, Spring is coming, people. It’s what I tell myself after a long cold walk with Zeus. We have to have hope. And while it seems a little trivial to be buying blouses and woven bags now,