Chapter 1

Hello there, lovelies. Today marks the day where I finally stop endlessly scrolling through other people’s gorgeous photo filled blogs and light the fire under my own butt to start my own. Cue the fireworks! Previously, I had found it only too easy to sit there, looking at everyone else’s content thinking one day I’ll do that. Well, that day has come and gone. And somewhere along the way I realized the time will never be just right. So if this ever has a chance to make it to the large and vast world wide web, it has to be done now.

Which begins our journey! First and foremost, I wanted to create a blog that shares with you how I am going about creating a sense of couture within my life. See about for more details on that.

I feel as though I’m (we’re? anybody out there?) at a point in my life where everything I do is my choice. I’m no longer living off my parents’ dime and, being the young-adult I am, feel as though the possibilities are endless. I have the option to take my life in so many different directions at this very moment. And if I want to splurge on thigh-high buttery soft suede boots made from heaven (more on that later), I’m going to. As I see it, I and I alone am in charge of my own happiness. So you can be darned sure I’m going to create it in everything I do – beginning with this blog! Let the journey begin! xx R

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